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Fridays on the Fly: Watch John Gierach Catch Giant Brookies in Labrador

Friday immediately: Watch John Gierach in Labrador in Labrador

  The famous fishing author, John Gierach, was fishing throughout the legendary career and wrote articles about countless flies fishing destinations. Therefore, when GIERACH claims that a specific destination is "I like to go to the world the best", serious fishingrs often notice.

  For Gierach, that place is Labrador. The video below shows the huge Labradori streams in the remote provinces in Canada in Canada’s remote provinces.

  Tamshui lakes and river maze of Labrador are the place where the most heartbreaking wild streams in the world are in the world. GIERARACH even enthusiastically announced the waters of Labrador as "the center of the spiritual universe of Brook catfish".

  During the year, due to the distant nature of the sewer and the extreme measures that the fishermen must take, the Brook catfish was allowed to grow here. Without any inventory, the local guide and the camp owner strictly implemented the capture and release practices.

  "When I walked out of the canoe, I was not guessing. I was sure that no one had stepped on their feet," the long -term Labrador flying fisherman and the executive partner of the southwest Sanhe said Labrado, Robbin Rif. "My feet have gone there, which is really exciting for me. This is why I drove me in the past 20 years. My enthusiasm is shared with others."

  Labrador’s best stream catfish fishing can be divided into three general basins: small and eagle water systems in the southeast and Mackenzie/Woods River System in the west.