Fridays on the Fly: Watch John Gierach Catch Giant Brookies in Labrador

Friday immediately: Watch John Gierach in Labrador in Labrador

  The famous fishing author, John Gierach, was fishing throughout the legendary career and wrote articles about countless flies fishing destinations. Therefore, when GIERACH claims that a specific destination is "I like to go to the world the best", serious fishingrs often notice.

  For Gierach, that place is Labrador. The video below shows the huge Labradori streams in the remote provinces in Canada in Canada’s remote provinces.

  Tamshui lakes and river maze of Labrador are the place where the most heartbreaking wild streams in the world are in the world. GIERARACH even enthusiastically announced the waters of Labrador as "the center of the spiritual universe of Brook catfish".

  During the year, due to the distant nature of the sewer and the extreme measures that the fishermen must take, the Brook catfish was allowed to grow here. Without any inventory, the local guide and the camp owner strictly implemented the capture and release practices.

  "When I walked out of the canoe, I was not guessing. I was sure that no one had stepped on their feet," the long -term Labrador flying fisherman and the executive partner of the southwest Sanhe said Labrado, Robbin Rif. "My feet have gone there, which is really exciting for me. This is why I drove me in the past 20 years. My enthusiasm is shared with others."

  Labrador’s best stream catfish fishing can be divided into three general basins: small and eagle water systems in the southeast and Mackenzie/Woods River System in the west.

Fridays on the Fly | A WNC Guide Selects his 10 Must-Have’s for the 2016 Fly Fishing Season

On Friday | WNC Guide chose his 10 must -have in the 2016 Flying Fishing Season


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Fridays on the Fly: 5 Tips for Fall Fly Fishing

Friday immediately: 5 techniques for flying fishing in autumn

  When Mercury began to decline, during the summer dog day in southern Abbarachia began to fade into the cool age of autumn, many fishermen hung the waders in favor of other outdoor activities. Popular wisdom says that cool water temperatures can cause catfish to fall into trouble, because insects are rare in some places, while others do not exist. With the arrival of summer rainfall, the current is often removed and the water level shrinks. In addition, the angle of the sun is constantly changing, which will change the behavior of catfish and insects, and you even have a tricky problem for the most seasoning fishingrs.

  However, don’t let challenging conditions allow you to avoid fishing in autumn. There are still many fish to capture, transitional scenery, pleasant weather and crowds, which makes it a good time to surface.

  1. Tie on land

  Especially in some autumn, you know that ants are fatal. According to the famous fly fishing writer Tom Rosenbauer: "Every fall, most of the Mangyu streams have a dry activity, which can be matched with the best cabin in spring. Rosenberry said: "This is the" autumn "of the migration wing ant (opposite to the cabin). "


  2. Streaming media is your friend.

  The catfish becomes more territorial and aggressive in the near -summer/autumn spawning. Therefore, they are more likely to touch fast moving bait like ribbons. At this time of the year, the convenience of the color bars is maintained, and the mixed LUNker uses your opportunity or rope to the greatest extent.

  3. Add some movements.

  In autumn, when the surface of your favorite river is often covered by leaves and branches, catfish may be difficult to distinguish debris and floating insects. To solve this problem, try to add a little movement to stem flies or land. More information about this method.

  4. Keep low -key.

  This suggestion is important throughout the year, but especially when the water is scarce and clear. Cracs are used to this seasonal change, and they will respond to being cautious and vigilant about predators like you. Wearing the earth color that is fused with the surrounding environment and maintains as low as possible, please make sure you find yourself before flying.

  5. Falling asleep.

  With the changes in water and air temperature, your strategy will also change. By the time October arrived, the days of productive forces had passed. On the contrary, you should give the sun for several hours to cross the mountain. The warmth and light it provides will stimulate aquatic insects, and catfish will soon follow. At about 12 pm, it will board the stream and plan to fish until the later afternoon.