Gear Review: Simms Bulkley Wading Jacket

  A good hood, smart cuffs and pockets in the right position.This is why the wading jacket becomes a good jacket.Suppose that any fishing jacket worth considering is the first waterproof.Now increase breathability.The price is rising, but the time you want to spend.Now, all these good things (from the bottom hem to the hood), and then add the Primaloft insulating material.what do you have?Perfect winter fishing jacket-.

  My expectations for fishing gear are very high.I spend hundreds of days on the water every year, not just walking around casually, but also trying to fishing -I go far away, deep into the water, and pass through many brushes.(I plan to fish in this way, until I can’t do it again.)

  Therefore, in the early days, I realized that my extra money was better than high -priced rods and scrolls.Because the clothing takes you to the river and stays there.As a poor college student, I Scount bought my first pair of Sims wading, which proved to be a wise decision.

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  Most flying fishing equipment is not made by fishing people like me.It is made for weekend soldiers.That’s also good.There is a place where the market cannot last forever -it can last long enough.However, there are more fishermen like me -catfish fishermen who work hard to fish and follow it.Sims knew this, and they surrounded the reputation of durable and carefully designed equipment.Will it last forever?of course not.But my SIMMS is longer than anything else.

  This is the low point of insulating fishing jacket.EssenceEssence

  Good things, I gave it to me last year.I love everyone (I will also write articles about G3 tactics at some point).

  I already have a good system of fishing in winter.I know how to keep warm in cold weather, and I have been wearing the same layer for many years.Therefore, as usual, I have skepticism.However, a trip fell in love with Bangkley, which became the new outer layer of me in cold weather.

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  Anything with SimMS label is drawn away. You can say that it is designed by people who often fish.When wearing Bulkley, I am amazed by the true thoughts of the jacket.It is obviously built by people who know the cold fly fishing.

  From top to bottom, this is good.



  The thermal heating layer and the shells are driving the air to keep me dry.This is the coat I want.Bulkley windproof.This will bring a different world because the cold wind cannot tear off valuable body calories.

  Bulkley’s shell is softer than you expect.It naturally moves and bent, without the crispy external outside of most waterproof jackets.However, this is a surprising durability -I passed a lot of cheese, and the damage to the shell was small.

  Under that shell is Greg film, keeping you dry, but breathing.Remember the life before Goretex?These days, you can wad an hour in a cold swimming pool below the overflowing pool, and then quickly pass through the woods to the next section.If you are breathable, you can use the same gear to complete all operations without holding additional body heat, which will become sweat.Bulkley’s design allows easy release of additional heat.This is essential for daily winter jackets.

  Bulkley’s insulating material is Hi-Loft Primaloft.Until recent years, this is another thing I doubt.This new generation of insulation materials aims to imitate all wonderful features that do not increase weight.It keeps warm when it is humid, does not hold water, does not fall, and is very light to keep the warmth.Primaloft plus.

  Bulkley was cut into some.That is a good thing.Its design aims to suitable for your water -related device and allows as many additional layers as possible.However, I found Bulkley, and I don’t need to wear extra wool worn under the previous shell.

  As Henry Ford once said: "As long as it is black, you can have any color." Simms is the same, but black is the position of it.All my winter equipment is black, and I need to absorb as many sunlight as possible, thank you.

  The biggest hood will not move with the person.It means that when you turn your head to see the midge near the river bank, and the rising catfish, you will look at the side of the hood of most jackets.This is one of the many reasons why no one likes to wear a hood.

  But Sims solved the problem on all the wading jackets.Bulkley has a three -way adjustable system.Paste it on the cable on the back and turn the hood with you.Pull the elastic tags to the front/bottom of the hood, and restrict the wind.bake!

  SIMMS also extended the Primaloft insulating material to the hood.Because, why not?If it is too hot, please put down the hood.For most of the days, Bulkley’s wind sealing, nose burning is so good.

  The cuffs on Bulkley also have Primaloft insulating materials. I like the design decision of Simms.Give me warmth.That is work.Therefore, yes, the sleeves are insulated.

  All modern water -related jackets of Simms are called wooden sleeves, and the design is very good.The sleeve looks normal until the wrist.However, under the "wood tile" is a adjustable cuff, aiming to buckle your hand under the water to retrieve your favorite ribbon -it spent 45 minutes of straps.Restoring flies, the arms are still dry.Body, very good.

  The cuff design is the real destroyer of many wading jackets.However, Simms’s strap cuffs can be waterproof, and they can be excellent tunability even when casting.

  Pocketsfishermen like pocket because we like things.Bulkley can easily hold a bunch of gears, such as your toes axis and split shooting.The pocket is large enough to accommodate a few flying boxes.There is no doubt that this part is Sims’s idea.But they also thought of your hand.Any cold jacket solution must first solve the hands, because the fly fishing is completed with numb numbers.

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  Each side of the jacket is equipped with two pockets.My deep pocket is where I store random gears and one or two rags.But the side bag is made for your hand.They have wool, and they keep warm, next to all Primaloft insulation.Nothing is more manual in these two pockets than a few burning manual heater.The protection of the wind continued all day.

  High pockets are tall because many of us are involved in the depths of wading.Thank you, Sims.When you are a little ambitious, wading those high pockets in some way, or when you fall, you even have crying holes at the bottom of the pocket to release any water.


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  Fishing more "expensive equipment will not attract you more catfish." The fisherman has always said that in most cases, I agree with it wholeheartedly.But I will argue that Bulkley may attract you more catfish -just because you will fish more.

  As I wrote in Troutbitten’s winter fishing series, the first and most important thing about winter fishing is to deal with cold.This is a stumbling block that prevents most fishermen from leaving the door.It is difficult to deal with the cold that can be abandoned by the river.But Bulkley makes it easier.And you will find more fish, because you stay there enough comfortably, the weather curse.

  Fishing, friends.


  Enjoy this day.

  Donick Svosky

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